What are the 10 tips that can help downsize before moving?

Accumulation of documents tends to clutter a home and you may even be tempted to throw all these documents away. It is however important to closely go through the documents and remove all important materials before throwing the files away. 

  • Keep all important items

There are also other items that you can’t really throw or give away no matter what. Giving out such items will only lead to regrets later on. Make a list of all these items and label them just to ensure that Dubai movers do not neglect them in the downsizing process.

  • Early preparations

If you are planning to move to a smaller house, try as much as possible to prepare early enough. If there are items that you no longer need, get rid of them early to avoid last-minute preparations. The sooner you start giving away or throwing items of no importance the less overwhelming the whole process will be. 

  • Create a strategy

Create a plan on how to sort your item. This can be a schedule on which rooms to sort out first or the items that you should start with.

  • Donate rather than dumping

There are some items that as much as you don’t need them anymore, they still seem to be part of you. Rather than throwing these items away, try to donate and put a smile on someone else’s face. 

  • Read more on the benefits of relocating to a smaller house

One important benefit is that you won’t spend much on movers in Dubai cost since limited items will be transported. Secondly, you will only have a few items to clean. Thirdly, you will save on utility bills….and the list goes on and on. In short, you should focus on the positive side of downsizing rather than the negatives. 

  • Invest in a storage unit

It may happen that all your important items won’t fit in your new home. You can save the hassle by finding a self-storage provider near you beforehand. 

  • Measure the furniture

One challenge most people face is moving large pieces of furniture into a new house. Measuring the furniture early will save you the frustrations of realizing that the furniture won’t fit on the new home after you have already relocated.

  • Organize your items

Sort the items and put all the delicate ones like glass plates, wine glasses and cups together. Invest in high-quality boxes for the move, although most movers in Dubai use their own boxes for packaging. 

  • Lastly, assess your needs

Take stock of the things you already have and what you still need for the new home, for instance, decorations. Reward yourself by purchasing new items to replace the old.