Ultimate Guide to Pack Household Items for Moving

Congratulations on your upcoming move! Now that you have found your new home, one of the most important tasks that take the most of the time and requires a lot of patience is packing all your household items for moving.

Knowing how to pack your household items for moving all you need to do is the plan, and with the right tips, your house will be ready in no time. So, to help you get started, Sunstars Movers have created some ultimate guide to pack your household items for moving, so that you don’t feel overwhelming.

Best Tips to Pack Household Items for Moving

1.     Structured Packing is the Solution:

Ultimate Guide to Pack Household Items for Moving

Once you have learned some general techniques of how to get rid of stuff before moving. Now we will see the tips to pack household items for moving. A room-by-room packing approach is the best, this will help you organize faster and keep track of your valuables in your hands. From here onwards start gathering the moving supplies such as moving boxes, padding, tape, sacks, blankets, and every other material you need to protect your things during transit.

2.     Get your Kitchen Ready to Pack and Move:

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Start your household packing with the kitchen, as it is the most disheartening task, and this is because there are so many large and small objects in the kitchen, and many of the objects are fragile and difficult to pack. Below is the guide on how to sort and select the kitchen items when packing them up.

  • Defrost the refrigerator at least 48 hours prior to moving out.
  • Pack dishes:  Packing your dishes for moving isn’t a hard task as you might think. Just make sure to use separate boxes for glassware and stemware, and also make sure to pack them carefully by wrapping them in bubble wrap.
  •  Use sectioned boxes to pack your glasses.
  • Pack the small appliances like mixer grinder, chopper etc. make sure to remove the blades and tape the cord around the appliance so that it will not damage the other objects which has to be packed in those boxes, also pack pots and pans including lids and other crockery.  
  • Pack your pantry: Start with the spices, tape paper or bubble wrap around seasoning or any open food packages so they don’t move around during transit. Make sure to get rid of perishables, including freezer items.
  • If you have any refrigerated goods make sure to store them in coolers with ice.
  •  Lastly, start packing the large appliances for your move, it should be done 24 hours in advance. Make sure you pack them properly, if it’s done incorrectly these can lead to gas leaks or can damage the appliances.

3.     Get your Bedroom Ready to Pack and Move:  

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Along with the kitchen, the bedroom can also offer us many challenges when packing to move, with closets and drawers which are full of clothes, jewelry, and other items that you really expect. Below are the tips for quick and efficient bedroom packing.

  • Pack your clothing from your bedroom closet, it is the place where you probably keep adding stuff every day and then quickly close the door. So, to start with packing your clothes, pack them and place them in a moving box, for formal wear, consider buying a wardrobe box so that you can keep the clothing on a hanger during transport.
  • Organize your jewelry and put all your valuables in a container which you are going to keep with you during the move.
  •  Pack your mattress: Make sure your bed is properly protected, to keep your mattress protected put them in bed bags so that it can be moved safely.
  •  Keep all your bedsheets and pillows into the bag and then pack them into the moving boxes.
  •  Pack all your home office stuff like files and other important documents in a safe or locked file box.

4. Get your Living Room Ready to Pack and Move:

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Packing your leaving room can be a little overwhelming as there are so many objects with different sizes and shapes. Below is the guide for you to follow for quick and efficient packing of your living room.

  • Secure your electronics: Pack your television and computer, it is advisable to pack these electronics into the same box which you have received when you have purchased new, this will prevent your electronics from damage.
  • Cover your furniture with a blanket and place your furniture into the moving truck before placing your moving boxes. If the legs of the couch and chairs are removable then make sure to remove them, so that it will be easier to move your furniture.
  • Make sure to tape the power cables to each electronic component along with the HDMI cables and remote control.
  • Wrap all your artwork and mirror carefully in blanket or bubble wrap.
  • Remove all bulbs and lampshades from lamp and store them in boxes and make sure to label the boxes “fragile”
  • Pack your books into the moving box and make sure you seal the bottom well with a double layer of tape.

5.     Get your Dining Room Ready to Pack and Move:

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The dining room is one of the easier rooms to move depending on how much stuff you have. But this is the room which contains some items which require extra special care while moving. Below are important tips for avoiding breakage during transport.

  • Roll up the rugs, tie them up with rope and secure them in plastic.
  • Pack the chairs, make sure to remove the legs if it’s removable and place them into the moving boxes.
  • Wrap the kitchen table in a blanket and place it in an area where it doesn’t slide around.
  • Pack all the decorative items by wrapping them with the bubble wrap.

6.     Get your Bathroom Ready to Pack and Move:

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Bathroom is the smallest room in the house, but it requires a lot of patience to pack, as there are dozens of half used toiletries and other personal care products to evaluate.  

  •  Pack all your toiletries items together, so that you can have easy access to them when you move into your new home.
  • Pack towels, toilet paper, soap, shampoos and more in one box for each bathroom your new home has.

Now that you have got the best tips to pack household items for moving, you can confidently start putting your plan into actions. Keep this ultimate guide handy to make sure you stay on track.

If you are looking for house movers in UAE, you can hire Sunstars Movers to help you with your house moving.

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