Quality Policy

SUNSTARS MOVERS (SSGPS) is fully committed to Quality extends beyond our business and employees to Clients, Visitors, Contractors, Sub-contractors, Stakeholders and the Community at large. We focus on constantly increasing our Quality level by means of training clear procedures and SMART objectives. SUNSTARS MOVERS is simultaneously working on various projects with a high level of efficiency and Quality policy is given paramount importance in all organization’s business operations and practices.

The Management and Staff of SUNSTARS MOVERS shall;

  • Establish, implement and maintain a Quality Policy that is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization and supports its strategic direction;
  • Ensure that our services meet the needs and expectations of our clients in terms of quality;
  • Meet the needs of our clients by providing services of recognised value.
  • Seek continued enhancement of its performance through improved processes.
  • Create conditions where people of high ability are attracted to work in the firm.
  • Achieve local delivery of the firm’s global knowledge and skills, through the provision of networks, supported by appropriate training and facilities.
  • Maintain honour and mutual respect in relationships with clients, members of the firm and collaborators.
  • Operating within a management system, which meets the requirements of ISO 9001.
  • Complying with relevant laws and regulations and statutory as well as internal requirements.

SUNSTARS MOVERS will not compromise the integrity of our services in an attempt to satisfy short-term goals. We are committed to long term growth, profitability and employment for our personnel and will achieve this by utilizing a business approach that takes into account the needs of all our stakeholders (e.g. partners, suppliers, clients or customers and the environment) and which encompasses an attitude of “Quality First”. Our policy is made available to relevant interested parties upon request.