How to Pack Office Items for Moving in Dubai

Preparing for an office move can be very stressful, this is because this task requires a huge amount of time, and packing is the most time-consuming process. You can always hire office movers and packers in Dubai to make your office relocation task easier.

Relocating to a new office space is exciting but it takes a lot of work to make it happen. Items like filing cabinets, desks, cubical, and office supplies require special treatment and storage when moving.

So, if you finish your task properly you will be able to continue with your business as soon as possible. The sooner you finish the sooner you will start earning money at your new office in Dubai.

Below are the useful tips for packing your office items for moving to ensure that everything arrives at your new office location organized and safe.

1.      Organize your belonging as soon as possible:

Proper organization is the most important task when it comes to office relocation. This step applies to paperwork, files, and other physical documents in your office. So, start going through all the documents and pull out those that you wanted to shred or recycle. To make sure nothing is misplaced start writing a checklist of the documents which you are taking to your new office and the documents that you are going to shred or recycle.

2.      Collect the recommended packing supplies:

There are a lot of unique valuable items in your office. So, to protect those valuables below is the list of recommended packing supplies.

·        Bubble Bags

·        Box Packing Tape

·        Box Markers and Knives

·        Box for keeping your books

·        Small, Medium, and Large size boxes to pack your electronic items.

·        Box for keeping Mirror and Pictures

·        Packing Paper

·        Anti-Static Bubble

3.      Pack the Office Electronic Equipment:

 The next important thing to worry about is your office electronic equipment, which includes computers, printers, phones, wi-fi routers, etc. So, before disconnecting the cords from your computer, take the backup of all your files and data stored in your computer to an external drive or a cloud server. This allows you to make sure your data is safe and you can still work from your laptop while your computer is in transit.

Make sure all the power and connecting cords are disconnected from your computer, monitor, wi-fi router, printer, etc., and are separated and organized. Use color tape to keep your coils intact and label each strip with the device name so nothing is misplaced.

Make sure to use anti-static bubble wrap to cover your smaller electronic from static electricity, and use small boxes for packing your routers, keyboard, mouse, and large boxes for packing printers and scanners.

4.      Pack décor and fragile items and label the boxes:

 Once your office electronics are securely packed, you can move to pack the fragile items and other office décor items. The décor items such as paintings, clocks, and potted plants can be packed a day before moving day. And any fragile items like picture frames and lighting should be bubble wrapped and should be packed in a medium-sized box. Make sure to label each box, as this will not only make packing faster but you will be able to make the unpacking process much faster when you finally arrive at your new Dubai office.

5.      Hire Professional Office Movers and Packers in Dubai:

 If you have no experience with relocation or have very little time to relocate your office, you can hire professional office movers. These trained professionals have much more experience in this field and your relocation will be finished much faster. Also, there is a smaller risk of damage to your things.

We wish this article helps you to pack your office items in no time, also if you are looking for the best and affordable office movers and packers in Dubai, Sunstars Movers is here to help you with our best services.

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