Custom Clearances in Dubai

Custom clearance or broking is the significant division of the overseas transportation and numerous other domains for importer & exporters which ensure hassle-free approval from the government agencies for both the purposes – importing & exporting of goods/services from one part to another part. Our specialty in hazardous cargo clearance, flexitanks, ISO tanks, and chemicals fields helps us to handle your consignment with considerable care and finesse.

Our team of skilled professionals smoothly and efficiently manages all customs formalities at both ends (departure and arrival) to comply with various bilateral and multilateral agreements, hence avoiding any shipment delays or additional charges to our customers.

custom clearance

Transporting your consignment across the globe is subject to documentation. Careful planning to ensure the goods move through the customs without extensive delay is therefore imperative. A complex set of stages, custom clearances is not just limited to the preparation and submission of documents and files. It also involves the assessment of cargo, payment of import/export duty, and representation.

We ensure its customers do not miss any business or personal deadlines, by taking care of the entire release process for their shipment at the point of destination. This is accomplished by collaborating with well-established agents worldwide, in order to expedite the release of cargo during custom clearance.

custom clearance

We offer professional Customs Clearance services for import or export consignments by Air and Ocean at all major Air and Seaports. Our experienced staff works closely with clients to help them avoid costly penalties and delays while the goods are under customs hold by ensuring fast and smooth clearance of cargo.

We offer reliable consultation on import and export transactions, as needed. We ensure all possible steps are taken to process your shipment through customs, hassle-free, thus eliminating any surprise costs or delays.

custom clearance

Our professionals are trained to follow a predetermined set of rules for an undisturbed shipment service. Our tailored service drives the shipment to continue clearing customs without creating disruptions to your schedule.

We offer advanced custom clearance import & custom clearance export services at sensible prices. Our job of custom clearance involves the calculation of the transportation fees, duties, taxes, & excises for the clients. Our customer broker purposefully communicates with the national & international government agencies on the behalf of the importer & exporter.

We offer a complete portfolio of brokerage services for both Import and Export customs clearance to our clients (including duty drawback, full product line classification, compliance management, duty reduction assistance, incentives from dgft, etc.)All of these aspects seem like a lot but Sunstars Movers will handle them all and at the best cost. You will not need to invest much in such services as we provide everything according to your budget and you will avoid running hassles!

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