How to Prepare your Car for Transportation in Dubai

There are many reasons why you want to auto transport your car. You may be an individual moving across the country for work, planning for a long–term vacation, or moving your vintage vehicle for a car show. Whatever the situation may be, you have decided to auto transport your car to your new home or your desired destination.

Now, you must decide who will transport your car and then How to prepare a car from Transport. For this, you will have to work with an auto transport company.

These companies don’t drive your car to your destination, instead, your car is loaded onto a multi-car carrying truck and delivered to your new destination or the auto transportation company’s regional depot. It’s also considerably less stressful than driving yourself and it’s safe for all the distances.

Below are the tips for you on How to Prepare a Car for Transport before your car is picked up by the car moving company.

How to Prepare a Car for Transport

1.      Research and Plan your Car Shipment in Advance:

Start researching for reputable auto transport companies that transport vehicles nationwide. Plan your car shipment in advance, select your desired travel dates before you book your car shipment. Try to get feedback from people you know or others who have shipped their vehicles recently. The further in advance of your plan, the better it will be for you to finalize the trustworthy car moving company.

 You should select a window of acceptable dates, as the auto transport companies may not be able to pick up or deliver your vehicle on a specific day due to changing shipment needs and travel time. So, to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed make a list of up to three companies from which you’d like to get quotes.

2.      Get quotes from Auto Transport Companies and Book your Car Moving Shipment:

Using the list, you’ve made, reach out to each auto transport company to ask for a quote. You will either receive a free quote, or a representative from the company will contact you by email or by phone to go over your shipping needs.

 Be sure to include all relevant information when getting a quote, also keep in mind that the quotes you receive are temporary and subject to change with time, the final price you pay to move your car may be different from the quote you received.

 Once you’ve received the quote and have selected the best car moving company for the job, proceed to book the shipment. Also, make sure to ask about insurance information, cancellation policies, and any other relevant details such as how to contact the truck driver who will pick up or deliver your car.

3.      Gather all your Car Documents:

Before you ship your car, make sure to gather all your car’s documents such as your auto transports will want proof that the car you are planning to ship is yours.

Below is the list of documents you must keep ready in advance:

  • Vehicle registration information.
  • Proof of insurance
  • Bill of sale or other proof of your car.
  • Original car title.
  • Your unexpired identification, i.e., your driving license or passport.

4.      Wash your Car Exterior:

Before you ship your car, the first thing you’ll want to do is to wash the exterior of your car, as dirt and dust can easily hide dings, scratches, and dents.

 So, with a clean car, you’ll be able to notice any possible damages caused during the shipping process once it arrives at your destination.

5.      Empty your Gas Tank:

Your car is being transported and not driven, so it only needs enough gas to drive on and off the trailer. If there is extra gas in your car means the extra weight of your vehicle and car carrier, which can add to your shipping cost.

 Please note, while it’s best to have 1/4th tank of gas or less, you don’t need to drain the gas if you have more than that.

6.      Check for Leaks and Tire Pressure:

Before your car gets loaded on the truck, check for leaks, tire pressure, and other mechanical issues, and if you notice a leak have them fixed before the driver picks up your car, because if the driver finds out that it’s a bad leak, he may refuse to accept the car.

 If you only have a minor leak that can’t easily be fixed before shipping, make sure to inform the driver.

 Tries should be properly inflated neither over – nor underinflated on shipment date to avoid car damage.

7.      Lock Up and Have Keys Ready:

Your car now will need to be driven onto the auto transporter for loading, presuming that your car is in working order, but then you can lock the car before shipment for extra insurance against theft.

 It’s a good idea to have a whole set of keys for you and with your auto transport service company. If you don’t already have an extra set, it’s always a good idea to get one before your car gets picked up for transport.

These steps may seem tedious and unnecessary to you now, but by following these simple tips on How to Prepare a Car for Transport you will save your time and money in the long run. Also, not only will your car be ready for the arrival of the driver, but also it will be ready to drive upon at your new destination. 

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