Amazing Tips for Packing Your Things from Storage.

How to Pack Your Things for Storage

Storage is an art and a science, whether you need to send some boxes to a self-storage unit to clean house of clutter or pack everything you own to move, you want to do it right.

With many of the storage facilities available in Dubai, you should be able to find a self-storage rental that is cost-effective and convenient. It can be tempting to just fill up everything into your storage space, but that doesn’t always make your life easier. Here are 6 Tips for How to Pack Your Things for Storage.

How to Pack Your Things for Storage.

1.      Plan which items will go into the Storage:

Make a general plan of how you will place the boxes and furniture inside your storage unit. During a chaotic move, it’s easy to forget what you put into storage. So before packing your belongings create an inventory for your storage unit.

 Make sure to create an inventory for all the items you are planning to store, from furniture, paintings, and pictures to your favorite books. Don’t be so sure that your memory is going to recall every single item you boxed up or have put away, so to avoid this scenario, we recommend keeping a copy of the inventory list for yourself and leaving one inside the storage unit.

 Also, with today’s technology, it’s easier to accurately make an inventory of the items by using the apps available in the market, which can help you keep track of everything. Or you can just pull up an Excel Sheet or Google Sheet and mark each box with a number or a name and make a list of what goes into each labeled box.

2.      Get Proper Storing Boxes and Packing Materials:

To pack your storage, you are going to need the right packing boxes and materials to keep your things protected for the duration of the storage period.

  • Start by collecting all the materials together like sorting boxes, tape, bubble wraps, blankets, and marker pens.
  • Consider purchasing the new packing boxes that are strong enough to keep your things safe for a long period, and if you are planning to use second-hand boxes, make sure that they are completely dry and sturdy.
  • If possible, use clear plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes, because you can easily see what’s inside when you visit the storage unit. We know it’s more expensive than cardboard boxes but these plastic bins can last for many years and also provide a much better level of protection for your belongings.
  • Purchase the packing boxes of similar sizes, as they will be easier to stack up so that the vertical storage space gets utilized as well.
  • Avoid storing items in plastic bags as they are less sturdy and could trap moisture.

3.      Pack Your Boxes in a Right Way:

You will want to pack everything into the boxes, but when packing up your boxes, always think about the weight, so for example books, this is an item which can quickly make a box very heavy, this is an item which can quickly make a box very heavy, so considering these heavy items should always be placed at the bottom of the box, with a lighter item placed on top.

 Also, pack the boxes tightly, as the empty spaces in these boxes will not only waste the space in your storage unit but also there is a possibility of items shifting and breaking inside the boxes, so make sure to fit the items together as compact as you can.

 To prevent anything from breaking, pad all the fragile items like glassware and mirrors with bubble wraps or other packing materials, also fill the open spaces with crumpled paper to avoid breakage.

4.      Label and Seal Each Box:

Take the time to label the contents of each box with a heavy black marker, as you can’t see what’s inside a cardboard box. Make sure that you label all sides of the boxes, also don’t forget to label the top, as well.

 The reason to mark all sides of your boxes is that you basically won’t be knowing how they’ll be placed in your storage unit. Also, be sure to list specific items inside a box, for example, instead of labeling a box “Fragile Items” label it “Lamp, Mirror and Glassware”

 Also make sure to seal each box properly, as too many people don’t seal their boxes when they put them into a storage unit. By sealing all your boxes, you’ll be able to better protect items from dust. 

5.      Disassemble Furniture Items:

A lot of items that are stored don’t need to be as big as they are. For instance, to store a table, you can remove the legs, make sure that all bolts and screws are kept in a labeled container with the item of furniture they correspond to.

 Wrap up any delicate parts and tape down any loose elements, use the space in or around your stored piece of furniture. Pack smaller items like drawers, dressers, and wardrobes to maximize the available storage space.

6.      Avoid Unpleasant Situations:

Place moisture absorbers, mothballs, and rat bait in key areas.

Hurray! Now you’re pretty much a storage genius. Go ahead and get on packing, it’s time to show off your expertise.

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