How to find reliable Billiard table movers in Dubai?

It is now time to move and everything is packed in boxes and others wrapped in brackets. Almost everything is ready, and then you remember that there a billiard table still waiting in the living room.

Billiard tables are among the most delicate items to transport. Handling the relocation on your own can be a dangerous, time consuming and tiresome task. This is actually the reason why some people tend to sell or donate their billiard tables before relocation. Another thing that most people fear when it comes to billiard table relocations is the cost. No matter how much a relocation company can charge you, the price is definitely worth it. So don’t shy away from hiring reliable billiard table movers and save yourself the hassle that comes with such a task. 

Finding a local billiard table mover

Frankly speaking, you can’t work with the first guy you find on the streets, and especially when important matters like moving a billiard table are involved. The first step is actually to compare your options. Start by getting recommendations from family, colleagues or friends.

Narrow your options

You have now done the research and have come up with a few reputable companies. The next step is to dig deeper and get more details about these companies. If possible, narrow down your choices to around five professional companies. In this way, it will be easier to choose reliable billiard movers in Dubai from the list.

Insurance and licensing

From your list of five removal companies, confirm whether there is any company in this list that doesn’t have the right licensing and scrap it out. The best billiard table movers have to be licensed by a reputable regulatory body.

Past client experience

The next step would be to go through the past clients’ experiences of the companies. Find out what past clients had to say about the billiard table services offered by company X and what makes their services different from company Y. Avoid working with companies that have poor customer reviews. 

Additional services

There are billiard table movers who offer better deals if you utilize all their services. So look around the house to see if there is any other thing that can be moved by the same guys.

Type of vehicle

This is also an important consideration that most clients tend to ignore. Besides having years of experience in moving billiard tables, the best company should also utilize high quality and efficient vehicles. It is only such cars that can be reliable in moving heavy and delicate items like a billiard table. 

On-site estimate

When relocating your billiard table, ensure that the company you choose offers on-site estimate which is more reliable than phone estimate. This also gives the removal company a chance to see the billiard table and make prior arrangements for the relocation. 

Some additional words

The above factors will help you choose the best billiard movers around. With so many companies that claim to offer the best services, ensure that you don’t fall in the hands of scammers. Pay attention to companies that charge extremely low prices. The company you work with should also accept different payment methods. And lastly, never pay cash upfront until your billiard table is moved safely.