How Sunstars Movers And Packers Will Pack Your Fine Arts?

There is no denying that people are in awe of the pictures and paintings they buy or make. It won’t be wrong to say that these are someone’s most precious possessions. We know that not many house movers and packers in Dubai can get trusted blindly. Especially for something as delicate as shifting fine arts, paintings, and antiques. We understand that when you look for office movers, the first thing that naturally comes to your mind is to opt for someone who will give extra attention to the antiques. It can lead to unwanted stress. Being in the movers and packers industry, we do not want you to suffer from extra tension. 

Before you unearth our way of packing, you must understand that the delicate nature of art makes it complex for standard packaging methods.

Hence, we follow the following points to pack pictures, paintings, and antiques for moving. 

  1. We Initiate It With Adequate And Enough Supplies So, we start the process of packing your fine arts much earlier than the act of packing. Yes, you read that right- it is all in the preparation. We begin with double-checking the availability of all the essential supplies- we believe in offering a hiccup-free job. The following are some of the materials- cardboard boxes of various sizes, soft packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, marker/highlighter pens, and more.
  1. Complete Care Of The Stains Even some of the best movers in Dubai are unaware that certain packing materials can leave an etch or stain on glass and canvas. Yes, that is true- some packing materials honestly carry the potential of destroying your precious paintings. You may consider packing the fine arts by yourself with the help of newspaper or parchment paper, but we hate to break it to you- these can cause the ink on the painting to smudge or etch your masterpiece. Hence, we ensure to utilize bubble wraps and papers that help them reach the new location aptly.
  1. Corners Are Our Central Focus Numerous packers and movers Dubai tend to ignore or forgets the corners, but not us. We- Sunstars Movers & Packers effectively protect the corners by adding suitable and sufficient padding.

Moving fine arts is no kid’s play. Hence, you should leave it to the professionals. There is a reason we get seen as one of the best fine arts and house movers in Dubai. Get to unearth the same by opting us for your relocation!