Movers Who Pay Special Attention To Kitchen Stuff!

Being one of the best house movers and packers in Dubai, we have seen numerous people struggle with kitchen shifting. There are not one but hundreds of stories we heard, where during the house shifting- the kitchen remains the place that gets most people the most ‘worked up’ and worried. By now, we have managed to write several blogs about tips about house shifting Dubai, but this one is solely for how you or your packers and movers Dubai must pack your kitchen stuff while doing the home shifting. 

We understand that no matter if you bought it from the festive sale or got it as an anniversary gift, the emotions attached to beautiful dinner sets and cutlery stays immortal. The way they are so delicate and fragile, they need special attention during the whole shifting process. There is no denying that shifting kitchen stuff is time-consuming, and you can not solely rush through. But, you can avoid all this unnecessary stress simply by connecting with the right villa movers in Dubai, as their professional help will get the job done smoothly. Also, this blog will be your guiding angel- it will help you understand the appropriate way of packing kitchen stuff. 

One of the most vital pieces of advice would be to keep all the materials handy, have a weekend to do a little research like read such blogs and look for someone like Sunstars Movers who would help you pack household items innovatively. Also, following this method will save you both- time and money. The below-mentioned points firmly get followed at Sunstars Movers– take a note and see how it all becomes easier! 

  1. Pack The Appliances Separately- Undeniably, our kitchen is full of appliances and, packing these needs a tack. So, the trick is to wash them thoroughly- you should wash these before movers Dubai arrive at your place and ensure they get dry. Now, look if the mover’s team removes the glass bowls and the fragile bits aside. It is an essential step because it ensures the safety of fragile ones. Following comes the time when the team will tape the parts in the sequence and order so that you can reassemble them easily when you reach your new address. It is best if you still have the boxes the electronics came in- if not, leave it up to the team. With the help of bubble wraps and newspapers, they will carefully pack it all. 
  1. Packing Things In Order- Yes, you or the team you hire must follow a procedure. Do not try and mess it up all by packing everything together. Pack all your silverware in different boxes. Look if the team hired by you is packing your kitchen silverware in a different box or not. The best way is to layer the bottoms efficiently with bubble wrap, clothes, and fabric or packing paper. If the team doesn’t do this, you ask them to put all of the items vertically, this will help absorb less shock or impact during travel, and there are fewer chances of breakage. Look if they wrap each item in a thin piece of packing paper. You can even ask them to insert an additional layer after every three-four items for best safety. 
  1. Pay Special Attention To Glassware- You will not disagree that every time you have to shift, this part remains to stay the trickiest one. Sunstars Movers have been in the industry for a long time now, and therefore- we know that there are bottles, cutlery, and wine glasses that can break at the slightest impact. But, the right packers and movers will come up with the best solutions, like they will use a thick layer of bubble wrap for each item. 
  1. Pots & Pans- Here, we would prefer to play the size game. The sole efficient way to take care of pots and pans is by putting them in boxes of various sizes. Start with fixing the largest item diagonally (corner to corner) inside the box. It will further hold steady in position and will support the other smaller pieces on either side. After every two-three items, try fixing bubble wraps to minimize the gap and movement. 

So now that you know how all of it must go but are unsure about where to find a team who will efficiently follow all these steps- need not worry. We- Sunstars Movers, one of the best house movers in Dubai are here to help you. All you have to do is connect with us, and our team will reach you to start shifting!