8 Questions you need to ask about home movers in Dubai

Home movers are companies that deal with the relocation of household and company items from one location to another. A client cannot just put their valuables in the hand of home movers in Dubai without having known them better.

So for them to get to know the home movers that they are dealing with well, like, for instance, if they are competent enough and can offer good services, they have to ask the following questions for clarifications and removal of doubt.

Ask if they offer packing services too

You have to consult with the home movers to find out if the packing services are inclusive in the package or not. If it’s included, there will be no need of finding another packing company to pack up your good, or you don’t even need to do it yourselves because it will be catered for by the same company. If they don’t is when you’ll have to find another alternative like hiring a packing company or packing up your goods yourselves.

You need to ask if they have insurance

 Movements of goods or equipment from one place to another comes with the risk of breakages and damages, so to ensure that you can have compensation in case of an incident like that.  You must make sure the moving company you want to hire has an insurance policy for your goods.

 Ask how their services are priced

For you to get a proper estimation of the payment, you must ask the home movers and packers in Dubai how their services are priced. This will enable you to get a clear view of how to pay for the services offered. You have to choose a moving company that is pocket friendly and offers the best services at the same time provides great services.

Ask for references

you need to ask the moving company that you are interested in to give you the references of the clients that they have served before, for you to go through them and find out about their experiences at the time that they were dealing with the company so as to know what to expect from them

In this case, you need to do a thorough research of the mover’s company so as to have a better view of their services.

Ask how they handle complaints

You must ask them if they had complained or claims from clients they offered their services to before and if yes, you must inquire how they dealt with them and if the clients were satisfied with how it was resolved. If there were some claims that were not resolved, you can ask why it was not resolved in time. You may also ask how many complaints they have had before.

Ask if there are additional fees

 You can ask if the moving company charges extra fees I .e.in cases where the road they will be using is not in good condition or maybe if they are carrying awkward items. You must discuss this with the company beforehand to avoid inconveniences that may arise later

Ask if they have a license

 The moving company you think of hiring must be licensed to guarantee you that your goods are in good hands and will be handled with care. You must beware of fake companies that are not licensed because your goods can be lost and you might not be able to recover them again.

Ask if they have storage facilities

 You must ask if they have storage places where your goods can be stored temporarily before you move them to your destination. The room must be safe from thieves to ensure the safety of your goods and be well ventilated as well

Following the above guidelines, a client will be certain of hiring the best moving company that will offer excellent services and greater satisfaction.