7 Best Important Moving Tips to Move During Summer

7 Important Tips for Moving in Summers

Summer is Finally Here!

For many people, summer means many things, like long days, outdoor concerts, barbecues, and for thousands of them, buying a new home or signing a lease on a new apartment.

Moving in summer has a lot of advantages, as during summer the weather is nice and friendly. Also, the process of moving in the summer is the same as moving in the winter, like you need to do the planning, collect boxes, stay organized and hire movers to help you during your move.

However, a summertime move can have its share of challenges, especially if you live in Dubai with high temperatures and humidity. But, do not worry because that is why we are here. You can follow these 7 Important Tips for Moving in Summers and have a stress-free move.

7 Important Tips for Moving in Summers

1.      Book your Movers way ahead:

7 Important Tips for Moving in Summers

We’ve said it before and you’ve probably heard it a thousand times that moving requires advanced planning. Hence, you need to start planning your move well in advance. Start searching for moving companies about two months before you move, the sooner you do your research and get some quotes from moving companies, the better!

 Booking Movers in advance also increases the likelihood that you’ll get your first choice moving company.

2.      Start Packing your Items Early:

7 Important Tips for Moving in Summers

After you have found your movers, make sure to give them a call and making a rough plan for your moving day. For example, ask them if any items can’t be moved, or ask them what will be the exact time they will come to your home and the approximate time that everything will be finished.

 Also, start packing your items and belongings way ahead before the moving day. This will help you to stay organized and will keep your stress level lower. Packing your items early will help you to complete all your necessary tasks on time. So, this way, you can avoid rushing around in the blazing hot weather.

3.      Book your Move Early in the Morning:

7 Important Tips for Moving in Summers

Waking up early in the summer is refreshing because the temperatures are much lower than in the afternoon. So, if you see the sun is at its strongest between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm, so moving in the middle of a summer afternoon is not ideal, especially if you live in Dubai where the climate is hot or humid during summers. So, it’s a good idea to book your moving company to arrive early in the morning while it is still relatively cool.

 By doing this, you can make yourself and your movers more comfortable by choosing an earlier start time for your move and avoiding the midday sun and temperature spike.

4.      Be Careful and Avoid Common Packing Mistakes:

7 Important Tips for Moving in Summers

Be careful when packing, as certain items won’t fare well in a hot moving truck, for example, ‘electronics’, do proper research on this before you load your moving truck. And if you think that some of your household items might melt, make sure to leave them for the end of packing and unload them first.

 Also, when you’re packing your items, you need to avoid common packing mistakes and some of the most common mistakes are:

  • Packing your items without a good plan.
  •  Leaving your packing task for moving day.
  • Thinking that sorting your items is a waste of time.
  • Packing the items which are of no use.
  • Assuming that you will not require an essential box.
  • Not using quality packing supplies.
  •  Leaving space in your moving boxes.
  • Overloading your moving boxes.

So, all the above packing mistakes can affect your move, and if you try to avoid them you can end up packing your items and belongings more efficiently.

5.      Stay Hydrated:

7 Important Tips for Moving in Summers: Stay Hydrated

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, especially in the summer. So, prepare a cooler the night before with plenty of water available for you, your family, your movers, and any helper so everyone stays hydrated and healthy throughout the moving day.

You may also consider offering your moving team hydrating freezer pops, as they are tasty, healthy, and hydrating and are available easily in the market. Your moving team will appreciate the gesture! Lastly, make sure to take the cooler with you so it’s accessible to all at your new destination.

6.      Wear the Right Clothes:

7 Important Tips for Moving in Summers -right clothes

Your clothes can have a huge impact on how you feel in the summer. Dressing in light, breathable clothing is a must when it comes to moving in the summer, and if they are loose-fitting that is even better.

 Cotton is always the go-to fabric for an airy, cool feel because it provides sufficient air circulation. Stay away from synthetic fabrics as they will force your body to sweat more. Avoid dark color clothing’s as they attract more sunlight, instead plan to wear light-colored clothing’s including whites and neutrals.

 Also, wear closed-toes shoes that are comfortable and breathable. Lastly, don’t forget to wear a hat, sunglasses and apply sunscreen.

7.      Have the AC ready at your New Place:

7 Important Tips for Moving in Summers

Turn on the utilities ahead of time at your new home. So that it will be cool and comfortable when you’re moving everything in. If you are not available to turn the AC on in person, then try contacting your real estate agent to do it for you.

 Entering a cool home on a sizzling day can make all the difference between a smooth transition. Also make sure the electricity is working properly, so the refrigerator is ready to go too.

So, there you have it, the 7 Important Tips for Moving in Summer. As moving bring the summer is convenient but not without its challenges. So, get ready for some sweat and hard work and hopefully a bit of fun too.

Are you planning to move to Dubai this summer? Hire Sunstars Movers to handle every process involved in your moving and packing. And enjoy your moving experience with us.

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