7 Best Tips for easy office Relocation in Dubai

Moving your office to Dubai should be very exciting as you’re expanding your business and reaching a new client and getting inspired by a change of scenery. So, what is bothering you? Oh yes right! The whole process of moving your business.

Moving an office successfully is not an as easy task as it might seem. As you have tons of bulky furniture and fragile items, office equipment, files, and documents to move. This task seems to be hard, but with good planning and reliable movers, your office move can be done quickly and without the loss of productivity.

So, if you find yourself in the position of coordinating the office relocation, we’ve got the Best Tip for Easy Office Relocation in Dubai and make your entire office moving process virtually stress-free.

Best Tips for Easy Office Relocation

1.  Plan your office move well in advance:

Preparing for an office move always takes time. Even if you’re only moving locally within Dubai. So, give yourself at least 4-6 months to put together a clear plan. This will give you the time to get into the essentials of the move. Divide each task into smaller steps to make the process more manageable. Finally, don’t keep your employees in the dark about moving plans. Keep them in the loop as your plans unfold so they can manage workflow appropriately and support a smooth transaction process.

 Before planning your move, there are few key questions which you should ask yourself:

   i.  What will be the day and the date of your office move, when do you need to be in your new office space latest?

 ii.   What will be your moving budget?

 iii.   How is your new office space going to look like?

 iv.  How much time will you have to prepare for the new office before you get back to work?

This key information will inform many of your discussions when moving, including when to move and which movers to hire.

2.  Hire Professional Moving Company Early:

Best Tips for Easy Office Relocation

Hiring a professional mover well in advance is very important for an office move. So, whether you are moving a small office of five or an entire corporate building, hire movers to help you with your relocation. Also, when it comes to hiring a moving company to relocate your office you need to be careful as an office is difficult to relocate since there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

So before hiring your movers, make sure they have experience with commercial relocation and have them give you an on-site quote for the move, you can even get recommendations from others in your network who have moved offices before. This will help you choose the right moving company that carefully moves your sensitive office equipment.

You can also choose Sunstars Movers as we are the best office movers in Dubai.

3.  Inform your IT Team about your Office Move and give them enough time to prepare:

Make sure to inform your IT team three months in advance, so that they can start planning for the transfer of all technical things like equipment, internet connection, and plans, phone connection, etc. Your IT team may also need to see the new office location in advance so that they can ensure compatibility and make any necessary upgrades if needed. When relocating a corporate office, you want your landing to be as smooth as possible on the tech side. So do the planning well in advance.

4.  Purge all Unnecessary Items and Recycle electronics:

Don’t bring things to your new office which you don’t need. Shred all unimportant papers and get rid of old unnecessary files. Get rid of office furniture that you won’t be needing anymore. It’s important to dispose of your company equipment safely to protect your company’s security and also to prevent harmful environmental damage from e-waste. Removing personal data from your devices isn’t as simple as just deleting your old files. Make sure that you do not sell, donate or recycle old electronic equipment until you have wiped them clean.

5.  Order your New Equipment in Advance: 

You need to have everything when you move to your new office, so it’s advisable to place an order for your new equipment and furniture 1-2 months in advance so that it will be ready for you to unpack and settle in. Also, coordinate with the suppliers so that they deliver things to your new office just before move-in.

6.  Change your Address and let Everyone know that you’re Planning an Office Relocation:

Moving your office is not just the concern of you and your employees. Make sure to update your client, utility providers, business partners, and customers about your office move. Also update your new office address on your website, letterheads, business cards, etc.

 Don’t forget to change your NAP information i.e., Name, Address, and Phone number with Google, simply updating your address in your Google My Business listing won’t be sufficient as google pulls out information from an infinite number of sources wherein you have updated your business name, address, and phone number. So, in addition to fixing your data with Google, you will need to update your data on all your sites. You can also use Google Map Marker to directly edit Google Maps. Once your edit is approved, the new information will show up on all Google Maps searches. 

7.  Appoint an Employees on the Day of your Office Move:

For the smallest business, it is not possible to completely shut down for their extended move. At most, you can close your door for one business day or one weekend. If you serve your client remotely, let them know that you may be a bit slower on answering their emails or phone calls during your moving day. Make sure to appoint an employee who will be helping you out during the transaction period for answering the calls and emails of your client. This ensures uninterrupted client support without moving distractions.

No one ever said moving was fun or easy, hence there can be a lot of factors you can consider for moving an office from one place to another but sufficient planning and good organization can make your office move hassle-free.

This brings us to the end of the guide. Hope the above Best Tips for Easy Office Relocation have helped you for making your office relocation go faster. So, if you’re looking for professional office movers in Dubai, Sunstars Movers is here to help you with a stress-free office move.

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