The 6 Best Useful Tips for Moving Your Heavy Furniture

Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

Whether your journey is across town or just the hallway, moving heavy furniture chairs, bed frames, couches, dressers, and desks can be tough, but by using the right tools and by using the right techniques it is a lot easier.

Sunstars Movers works with experienced professionals every day, and we’re happy to share their pro tips and advice for your DIY furniture moving. Follow the useful Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture and safely move your large items, from chairs to heavy couches.

Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture.

1.      Measure your Furniture and Doorways:

Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

Take some time to think about the process thoroughly before you lift a finger. Get the dimensions of each piece of furniture you need to move and make sure they’ll fit through the doorways you’re planning to use.

 If you skip this step, you can end up wasting time and if you struggle to push or fit an item through an opening that is too small can result in damage to the item also you can end up injuring yourself or your moving partner.

2.      Get the Right Equipment:

Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

Professional movers use many gadgets to perform their tasks smoothly and with ease. So, for your DIY furniture moving, you need to purchase or rent the right equipment, if you’re only going to use the equipment once, it’s always good to buy those items on rent.

 Here’s what you’ll need to move heavy furniture by yourself:

  •  Gloves
  •  Furniture Straps
  • Furniture Sliders
  • Dollies
  •  Packing Paper for Moving
  1. Furniture Straps are also known as “Lifting Straps” is the handy device that works to transfer some of the weight off from your arms and relives your backpressure when you’re lifting heavy items. They also prevent potential injuries and help you move heavy objects. These straps are adjustable, so make sure to adjust them as per the size of the furniture you’ll be lifting and the size of your own body.
  2. Furniture Sliders are unavoidable and you must-have for moving heavy furniture on your own, as they protect your floor and carpet while moving the furniture. They are placed under each leg or corner of the piece of furniture that you are moving.
  3. Dollies are the hand-trucks that come with two or four wheels. Before you use them, secure items to the dollies with rope or additional straps.

3.      Disassemble Large Household Items:

Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

The smaller items, the easier it is to lift. You might know how to pack fragile items and that isn’t a problem for you, but furniture requires a different approach, and that is disassembling, if any items can be disassembled into smaller pieces, do so.

 Also, make sure to save the screws, nuts, and bolts separately as these screws and bolts can be difficult to replace. If you are hiring a professional mover, they will take care of this service for you, but when doing it yourself, keep in mind how long it will take to disassemble and reassemble the piece.

  •  Items like dresser mirrors, which are fragile and can be damaged during a move, should always be removed before moving.
  •   Dining tables, couches, and large desks may have detachable legs, which will make navigating doorways easier.
  •  Remove the drawers from the dressers to lighten the load.

4.      Ask for a Helping Hand:

Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy furniture can never be a one-man show, as you not only have to protect your furniture and home but also you want to protect yourself. Ask your friends, relatives, or family members to assist you with your move.

 If you can’t seem to find any volunteers, consider hiring Professional Furniture Movers.

5.      Use Proven Lifting Techniques:

Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

This is the important part of DIY moving, as improper lifting can put a strain on your body and cause injuries, but still by doing everything properly will keep you and your furniture safe. Here’s the right way to deal with heavy lifting.

  •  Carry the weight on your legs and hips when moving heavy items and not on your waist.
  •  Maintain your balance by holding the object close to your body.
  •  Be calm and try not to bend.
  • Push an object instead of pulling, as pushing is a lot easier on your body than pulling. 

However, if these methods don’t feel comfortable, you should hire professional movers who can move your furniture on your behalf.

6.      Think Ahead – Plan an Unloading Too:

Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

If you haven’t chosen professional moving services, you must plan to unload too, so that you can save yourself from the trouble of moving heavy furniture off the truck.

  •  Plan the whole thing, knowing that heavy items usually go back of the truck.
  •  Place everything in order.
  • Keep a track of everything you own.
  • Be careful when unloading your heavy furniture.

Does having to move heavy furniture by yourself sounds like too much work? If the piece is simply too heavy or you won’t have time to move the piece on your own, you can hire Sunstars Movers, and we will do everything you need to get the job done. 

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