Moving to Dubai? Check the Most Popular Places to Relocate.

Best Places to Relocate in Dubai

Dubai can be a good place for those who love to work in a multicultural environment with numerous opportunities to work in a highly processing environment.

From its humble beginnings as a sleepy fishing village to becoming the Middle East’s richest city. Dubai has experienced quite a transformation over the past few decades.

So, when looking for a new home, there are plenty of factors you need to consider and that is where you work, the location of your child’s school and the average price of accommodation are just some of them. With the market rise in Dubai’s property, the popular lively emirate offers locals and foreigners exceptional quality of life and there’s a variety of options to choose from as per your budget. Below we’ve compiled the Best Places to Relocate in Dubai.

Best Places to Relocate in Dubai

1.      Dubai Marina:

Best Places to Relocate in Dubai: Dubai Marina

At the heart of the ‘New Dubai’ lies Dubai Marina. Known for its ultra-modern, high-rise buildings and luxurious hotels, Dubai Marina is highly recommended for locals and foreigners.

 Living here will also mean that you have plenty of amenities nearby as will be close to being in the very center of Dubai. Property near the Dubai Marina does not come cheap, but you get plenty of luxury for the Money

2.      Downtown Dubai:

Best Places to Relocate in Dubai: Downtown Dubai

Downtown is the ‘center of now’, At the heart of Downtown Dubai there is the world’s tallest building, ‘The Burj Khalifa’. Plenty of villas and apartments are located in the area, therefore it is designed to get a taste of royalty with its contemporary residences and uplifted comforts.

 Also, if you are a keen shopper then you should consider finding a property in Downtown Dubai where you can find the world’s second-largest mall and that is ‘The Dubai Mall’. Being in the heart of the city, the property prices will be amongst the highest, with the added convenience of being on the doorstep of many large companies that have offices in the city, due to which the traffic on evenings and weekends can be a downside.

3.      Arabian Ranches:

Best Places to Relocate in Dubai: Arabian-Ranches

If living in the hustle of the city is not for you and you have space in your budget for something lavish, then Arabian Ranches is what you should consider, as it is a quiet suburb located outside the busy city. In the street, you will find lush trees and well-maintained villas, and so it is one of the most popular destinations amongst investors, families, and foreigners looking for a high-branded lifestyle in Dubai.

Arabian Ranches is also equipped with excellent English-speaking schools, clinics, cafes, shopping complexes, hospital facilities, and restaurants. Also, it’s essential to have a car because of the location outside the city.

4.      Business Bay:

Best Places to Relocate in Dubai: Business-Bay

Business Bay is the first choice of the business class community who wanted to live and work in Dubai. To the key commercial hubs like the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the Dubai World Trade Centre, you should consider moving to the Business Bay area of Dubai.

 Business Bay is one of the trendy residential and professional hubs in Dubai. Set amongst the gleaming waters of the Dubai Canal, it is neighbors with Dubai’s quintessential neighborhood Downtown Dubai. Business Bay is fast fulfilling its aim to become the central hub of Dubai, and so this is one of the most expensive residences to live in Dubai.

5.      Al-Barsha:

Best Places to Relocate in Dubai: Al-Barsha

Al-Barsha is one of the major residential communities in Dubai. It has now become a major commercial and residential hub with affordable housing in Dubai. Properties in Al-Barsha are typically detached and semi-detached villas but some apartments are also available.

 The area is also well served by its fair share of restaurants, cafes, shops, and hotels. Also, residents have access to several supermarkets, metro stations, reputed schools, and hospitals at a hand’s length. The nearby Mall of Emirates is a must-visit attraction that has hundreds of shops, a large cinema, and even an indoor ski slope.

6.      Dubai Sports City:

Best Places to Relocate in Dubai: Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City is another best place to live in Dubai, as that packs in a lot in terms of lifestyle and residential options, at a wallet-friendly price. It offers several charms to sports-oriented people. The list includes many sports complexes, number one is gymnasiums, and number two is sports stadiums and arena.

There’s a mix of villa compounds and apartment complexes with a range of options for those considering investing in Sports City. It is most suited for those with a car, there are plenty of amenities within walking distance and also Mall of Emirates just 15 mins away.

 The list of the Best Places to Relocate in Dubai is never-ending, as Dubai genuinely has a lot to offer. If you are moving to Dubai, you will have plenty to think about when it comes to choosing an area of the city to live in, as each of the areas mentioned above has its own charm. If you are planning to relocate to Dubai. Get in touch with Sunstars Movers as we are one of the Best International Moving companies in Dubai.

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